Splitting Fingernails

Splitting fingernails are also referred to as brittle fingernails. In this case, your nails will get split into layers. As per the current survey, almost 20% of people are getting affected with this nail trouble every year. There are few health conditions that are highly responsible for the occurrence of split fingernails.

What are the prominent causes of split fingernails?

•    Moisture: Excessive exposure towards moisture can invite split fingernails. If you have got sensitive or thin nail, then water will get easily absorbed within the same. Continuous moisture absorption often leads to brittle fingernails. You might even face excessive peeling at times and thus you should take necessary measures so that this situation can be well prevented. Moisture might also lead to the nail rot and this is nothing but the nail will start decomposing slowly. On the other hand, sometimes fungal infections also occur as a result of moisture effects.

Splitting Fingernails

•    Trauma: Nail injury is one of the leading reasons for inviting Splitting Fingernails. You should adopt different protective measures so that unwanted injuries can be prevented. Already injured nails are highly exposed towards more damages and this is the reason you have to take proper steps so that injuries can be recovered soon or else you can also prevent the leading injury causes. Prying and scraping tools are not to be used at all as they might invite nail injuries of different kinds.

•    Chemicals: Fingernails when come in contact with any kind of chemicals get brittle. While doing different kinds of kitchen tasks you have to wash your hands with various cleaning solutions and these solutions contained chemicals. These chemicals sometimes remain hidden within the nails and react adversely as a result of which split fingernails occur. These chemicals are really quite harmful for your nails and this is the reason you are advised using only rubber gloves while doing varied kitchen activities. Polishing your nails with special coats can also be treated as one of the best ideas in this regard.

•    Iron deficiency: This kind of deficiency is quite common these days and this leads to the occurrence of anemia which is again the most prominent reason for brittle fingernails. Hemoglobin can be produced by the presence of iron and if sufficient amount of iron is not found within blood, then the count of RBC carrying oxygen will get decreased. Anemia leads to few symptoms like cold feet and hands, poor appetites, headaches, pale skin and others. This is the reason if you are facing these kinds of symptoms, then you should immediately go to or doctor for proper medical check-up.

•    Hypothyroidism: In this type of condition, thyroid gland gets underactive as a result of which poor hormone production occurs. Some of the most vital symptoms of this condition are joint pain, fatigue, weakness, unwanted weight gain, heavier menstrual periods and others. There are some people who think that split nails can be avoided but this wrong and thus you should take proper steps from the very beginning.

What are the probable signs of split fingernails?

•    Pale nails: Your nails will slowly get turned into pale color from white and this is one of the most prominent signs of Splitting Fingernails.

•    Rippled nails: This sign signifies that the splitting is about to start and thus you should be quite cautious. Dermatitis might be observed at fingertips and slowly the situation will get turned into splitting of nails.

•    Cracked nails: Different layers will be found within nails and then only you will be able to understand that there is something wrong with your fingernails. Age is not the sole factor for inviting the concerned condition rather there are many more reasons that are responsible for the same.

•    Dark-lines at lower end of nails: If you find that the lower portion of your fingernails is getting darker especially black in colour, then you should know that spitting of ails is about to come very soon.

•    Gnawed nails: Excessive nail biting habit might invite this kind of condition. This habit basically hampers the nail growth to a great extent and at one point of time splitting of nails occurs which is quite pathetic.

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