Causes and Factors Associated with Ingrown Fingernails

The problem of ingrown fingernails is one that is quite annoying for sure. Not only is it quite demaning to actually get rid of the ingrown fingernail, but it can also be painful. Usually this problem is a lot more prone with toenails as they are more exposed to being squezed into tight places like your shoes. When fingernails happen to get ingrown it is commonly from some kind of infection. To avoid the nuances associated with this problem we will discuss here the factors that cause ingrown fingernails.

Factors that can lead to an ingrown fingernail

good hand hygiene to avoid ingrown fingernailsOne of the first factors that can lead to nails getting ingrown is not showiing your finernails enough attention. By that, we mean not being careful with the different substances you expose your hands to on a daily basis. Daily use of detergent soap might break your skin and cause it to dry. Not giving proper care for your nails in combination with improper trimming can often result in ingrown fingernails. Another factor that plays a part is the level of hygiene you have. By not properly cleaning your fingernails this may also lead you to being more exposed to this problem.

As mention above, proper trimming of your fingernails is important. By not clipping your nails correctly, your nail will be damaged if you end up by trimming your nail in a curved shape. You should keep in mind that you should trim your nail right across. Cutting your nail shorter than the nail should be can also cause the tissue around your nail to split and cause the nail to grow into your skin. So if you constantly cut your nails way too short then it could lead to an ingrown fingernail.

At certain points in time we are unlucky enough to experience some type of injury like dropping something on our fingernails or our toes. Occasionally this can lead to being the intial cause of the problem. The injury to the finger can lead the nail to deform or flatten. Because of a potentially uncommon contour of your nail, the result might be an ingrown nail. In the event that your nail is damaged to a high degree the best solution might be to remove the nail completely.

avoiding an ingrown fingernailBy chewing on your finernails you can end up with rounded edges that are pointing inwards. Biting your nails could be a leading cause towards damaging them and making the nails grow into an uneven shape, ultimately resulting in an ingrown nail. The unpleasant feeling you get by having an ingrown nail is many times intolerable. You are surely best off by quiting this habit at once before you end up with a damaged and potentially ingrown fingernail.

Consequences of an ingrown fingernail

An ingrown fingernail should not be disregarded. By leaving the conditions untreated it might lead to a serious finernail disease, and so is best to be avoided before it have started. If you are allready afflicted by the trouble of an ingrown fingernail you should act quickly to fix the problem. There exist several natural home remedies that can help you with treating your problem, so there’s no reason to do nothing. If you need more information about how to treat an ingrown fingernail we recommend taking a look at The best thing you can do of course, is to take great care of your toenails and fingernails, and avoid the problems of ingrown fingernails all together.

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