Habits Women with Beautiful Nails Have in Common

10 habits for strong and beautiful nails

There are several common habits existing among women that have beautiful and strong nails. By understanding what these women do in their everyday life you can also make sure you follow a similar path. A lot of people have upsetting experiences with their nails on a daily basis, and finding a way to avoid these problems is not always easy. Below we will visit the 10 most common routines amongst women that have wonderful fingernails.


What women with beautiful nails make sure they do!

1. Put the health of her nails above length. A shorter style with a round edge seems tidier and is often easier to manage, so you could concentrate on building strength without worrying about other things. As long as each nail is similar in form and matches the other fingernails, you will most likely not really miss the extra length you had.

2. Don’t let the nails grow too long. It is advisable not to let your fingernails grow too long as it can make them more difficult too maintain and more prone to breaking. You should aim to clip your nails atleast as often as every other week, and maybe more frequently depening on other factors.

3. Don’t be too hard on your nails. Your nails are not rugged, and you can be actually exposed to illness by scrubbing them too much. Another bad idea is using metal nail tools to scratch under your fingernails, as too much digging under the nail plate can make the nails part from the skin and eventually ending up with a white arching nail.

4. Keeps her hands clean. Before you do anything, it’s crucial that you make sure your nails and the skin around them are completely filth-free. Subsequently remove all traces of your last color having an acetone-free remover. One thing that can be done is to apply soap to a toothbrush, then lightly scrubbing your nails and skin. This will remove grime and exfoliate any dead skin without the requirement for harsh, drying chemicals or high-priced scrubs.

5. Be careful not to harm the cuticles around your nail root. At the base of your nail is a protective layer, called the cuticle. This layer serves an important function; it seals the region at the around the root of the nail. It’s therefore important to be careful not to damage or remove the cuticle. This can destroy the protective seal around your nail, leaving you exposed to the possibility of disease and bacteria. You nails will surely be thankful if you take proper care of the cuticles.

6. Keep your nail tools in a good condition. It’s important to keep your nail tools clean in order to avoid any unwanted attentions from bacteria. Make sure you disinfect your nail tools often as you would with brushes used for makeup. Tools like emery boards should be replaced on a consistent basis.

7. Consistent in the use of a base coat. Make sure to use a base coat when ainting your nails. It isn’t a smart to try to save time by not applying a base coat. And should you really have the urge to take things up a notch, it is suggested to add a clear gloss of coat in between every layer in order to add some additional shine and shielding.

8. Makes sure to use a top coat. Equally as significant is the usage of a top coat. The color of the shine is sealed in by the top coat and adds a much desired shine finish. Sealing the deal with a top coat makes sure your styled-up nails stay beautiful for several days.

9. Watches what she eats. Your fingernails are made of a protein called keratin, so as is the case for your skin clarity and the shine in your hair, you can improve your nails by tweaking your diet. Some nail experts have suggested adding supplements like biotin, fish oil and Vitamin E, to your own daily regimen, while others advocate protein-rich foods like fish, nuts and even beans. The one thing every expert agrees on is that you will be rewarded with more powerful, clearer nails once you hit the mix that works for you.

10. Staying moisturized is important. There is several ways to keep your hans properly moisturized. Some nail artist likes to use a combination of natural oils, like almond oil, to keep nails and cuticles hydrated. Alternatively, you can use other moisturizers or oils rich in nutrients.

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