What Causes Fingernails To Split and What Can You Do About It?

Have you ever experienced those annoying feelings of your fingernails splitting up or breaking off at the edges? Not only is this annoying, but it is painful and can make for problems in your daily life. You might not know what causes fingernails to split, but this could actually come as a consequence of several activities. You might not be aware of this, but your fingernails require a certain amount of attention in your everyday life to stay healthy. When your nails stay healthy you avoid problems like: nails splitting, infections around the fingernails, or damaged cuticles. By neglecting your nails the basic care needed to strive they could end up eventually breaking or splitting. These types of issues might affect as much as 1 out of every 5 people. So, what are some of the causes you should be concerned about when caring for your fingernails. Well, there are several you would want to make sure you are alert about.

Some of the causes of fingernails splitting

A large number of cases of splitting or brittle nails can be traced back to a lack of moisture. This can come as a consequence from extensive washing of your hands throughout the day. The process of repeatedly washing and drying your hands dries out both your hands and your fingernails making them prone to breaking. What can you do to address this problem? The easiest thing you can do is start using a good moisturizer. When applying your hand lotions make sure to spend a little extra time to rub the lotion between and around your nails. If you often have dry hands it could be useful to do every time you wash your hands with soap.

Chemicals can also be a contributor to your nail related problems. Chemicals like those used in nail polish, nail polish remover and household cleaners can cause issues for your fingernails. It is best to limit exposure to these chemicals if possible and also be sure to keep your nails properly moisturized.
There are sources such as MayoClinic.com that claim that iron deficiency anemia might lead to nails becoming brittle. Iron is an essential mineral in the body with a number of important roles inside your body. The mineral iron contributes to the creation of red blood cells that help carry oxygen around your body. Some good sources of iron include amount others: meat, beans, nuts, soy, wholegrains, liver.

If you have experienced any of the issues discussed above, you should consider consulting a doctor to find the right treatment for you. Any tips or suggestions offered in this article and this website as a whole is meant solely as informational and not as medical advice.

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