What does your nails say about your health?

A sign that your nails are healthy is that they show a smooth, pink and evenly shaped form. Fingernails are essentially the waste product of bones, called asthi dhatu; hence, the health of your nails is many ways a reflection of the quality of tissue production. Thus, when you are in good health this is reflected in your fingernails, while having bad nails, like splitting or cracked fingernails, can be an indicator of underlying bad health conditions. This is confirmed by dermatologist and it is often communicated to clients, namely that an important part of your health is the maintenance of good fingernail health. Keeping your nails on a healthy and good level is not overly difficult.

avoidance of cracked fingernailsWhile certain conditions come as an indication of more serious ailment, a large number of undesirable nail conditions is possible to avoid by showing your nails appropriate attention. Among the attentions you can show to your nails that are not hard to do can take you further than you would imagine. Some of the things you should do include keeping fingernails at a proper length, and thus making the upkeep simpler. Toenails can sometimes be more difficult to trim as they tend to get thick and hard. A good tip would be to soak the nails making them softer before trying to cut them. In the event that you have diseased nails, you might need to visit a professional in order to trim your nails correctly. Much like a new outfit or a fresh makeover, having beautiful and vigorous fingernails are an essential part of maintaining a good and professional appearance.

In addition to a lack of sufficient care for your nails, problems can be related to deficiencies in your diet, and even due to your genetics. A large part of the problem can be associated with diet; however, the second leading cause is stress. Maintaining a balanced diet is therefore an essential part of dealing with various problems, like splitting fingernails, or conditions. So, making sure your body is supplied with the appropriate level of calcium, vitamins, minerals is an integral part of the overall puzzle. Making sure your diet consists of a good amount of fruits and vegetables, especially important is the presence of leafy greens on your plate. Consulting a professional within the nutrition or medical field should be considered if you feel you are unable to maintain a healthy diet.

Upholding good toenails is also important and is equally a good indicator that your feet are healthy. As with any other part of your body, the toenails go through a series of changes that can be really quite common. Many of these issues can be traced back to wearing way too tight shoes. Other problems related to toenails are the presence of certain fungi that often are connected with a hot and moist atmosphere. This issue is more than 3 times as likely to affect your toenails rather than your fingernails. A natural reason for this the fact that your feet is often covered with socks in combination with sweaty shoes. The fungi that often affect your feet can be troublesome. The condition often damages you toenails and is a not so pleasant problem that are experience by more than 1 of 10 people in the USA. The problem is usually more frequent among old adults. This comes as consequence many years of exposure to fungi-friendly conditions and decreased blood circulation.

Several natural solutions exist that can aid you in giving your nails a natural care. Also, there is a wide range of supplements that can be taken, including vitamins and certain proteins that act as a rejuvenator for your nails. In addition, there exists other Herbal product on the markets that also are helpful in making sure you don’t experience bad nails, and problems like cracked fingernails or toenails. If you are in doubt you should always consult a professional to aid to in finding the proper care for you.

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  1. That’s quite interesting. I’ve had some nail problems lately, and I didn’t really know that it could be related to other health problems. Will have to look more into this.

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