What Makes the Fingernails Split at the Edges?

To avoid having fingernails split at the edges you have to understand where your fingernails are formed and why it is so crucial that you do not damage that region. At the base of your fingernail and behind is the cuticle, and under the skin is the matrix where your fingernail is initially formed. This matrix continually forms new nails, pushing out the old.

From the time your new nail is visible beyond the cuticle, it truly is regarded as dead. What that means is, past the real bed of your nail, the fingernail is constantly losing its oils. That’s why eventually your fingernails split. To keep nicely formed nails, be cautious not to damage the matrix.

One of the biggest mistake some people make, is that manage to remove too much of the cuticle around the nails. The cuticle is there for a purpose, and constantly trying to remove it will weaken your fingernail. If you tend to your own fingernails at home, remember to clean off the dead cuticle that has adhered to your fingernail, while leaving to padding of good cuticle in position. Your fingernail wants that.

The greatest way to battle fragile, splitting fingernails, is by tending to the cuticle. I’d propose using a good fingernail moisturizer at night if you live in a very dry area. If you’re having problems with brittle nails and you have long fingernails, you might take note of how many times the point of your nail bangs into things. If they are so long, that you cannot keep from jamming the end of your finger, you need to shorten them for the benefit of the matrix. Jamming the point of your fingernail, bruises the matrix and merely adds to the brittle problem.

When removing nail polish, take note if your fingernail is really dry. If so, change brands of fingernail polish until you discover one that doesn’t dry out your nails. It is better to go between manicures for a day or two, without polish, to give a chance to breathe out the nail bed.

If you ever happen to notice the bed of your nails, appearing to have a slight ache, it’s an indicator you’re wearing the wrong brand for you. It seems like such a simple thing, but taking care of your cuticle and matrix, could treat layering away of the fingernail and that annoying splitting of fingernails.

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